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Current Standings headed into event #3 $20,000 Guaranteed on Truman Lake

With currently 40% of the schedule complete here is how the Team Standings shape up. The Top 20% of our yearly entries make the cut for our team championship on Lake of The Ozarks for a chance to advance to the Nation Team Championship.

1st place 1000 points Kyle Kitts-Travis Edwards

1000 points Cody Ellison-Ricky Jones

3rd Place 900 points Brian Longan-Dewayne Heffelman

900 points Eric Olliverson-Mike Gold

5th Place 800 points Brad Cook-Terry McGlasson

800 points Peter Wenners-John Hewkin

7th Place 700 points Doug Johnson-Steven Whitesell

700 points Jeff Epley-Kelly Greer

9th Place 600 points Randy Franks-Justin Layton

600 points Travis Harriman-Matthew Sisk

11th Place 500 points Curt Warren-John Pilcher

500 points Cole Breden-Hunter Baird

13th Place 400 points Sheldon Collings-Eli Brumnett

400 points Jeffery Barrickman-Cole Findley

15th Place 300 points Toby Hartsell-Ronnie Weisinger

300 points Ryan Butler-Dustin Lippe

Current Cut Line as of 3/21/22

17th Place 200 points Mike Phillips-Clayton Soule

200 points Paul Willett-Shane Gilbert

19th Place 100 points Thomas Heinen-Brandon Ackerson

100 points Breenan Banks-Patrick Rees

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