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Explanation of the format!

Had a few people say they don't understand the format. So we want to use event #1 at Table Rock for and example. While these numbers aren't as high as they could or should be it's an easy way to understand the format by seeing the results.

Wednesday we had 7 boats show up. Top 20% advanced to day #2 on Sunday otherwise known as Championship Sunday. The weights reset for that day because other flights/day 1s are also sending 20% to Sunday. So on Wednesday 2 teams advanced. With 3 teams getting paid out. We pay 3 spots until 30 places then at 31 we go to 4, etc. You can see the payout table we follow on under the payout table.

Wednesday payouts

1st $315

2nd $189

3rd $126

Thursday 9 teams showed up advancing 2 to Sunday with 3 got paid.

Thursday payouts

1st $405

2nd $243

3rd $162

Friday 11 teams showed up with 3 teams advancing to Sunday and 3 got paid.

Friday payouts

1st $495

2nd $297

3rd $198

Saturday 11 teams showed up with 3 teams advancing to Sunday and 3 got paid.

Saturday payouta

1st $495

2nd $297

3rd $198

Sunday the 10 teams that advanced(2,2,3 and 3) from the previous day 1s/flights fished for the remaining 80% of the prizepool that wasn't already awarded on day 1s. 20,000 of which was guaranteed for Table Rock because we had 38 total entries over the 4 flights we paid out 4 spots on Championship Sunday.

Championship day payouts 1st $20,000 Cody Ellison and Ricky Jones 2nd $4,104 Eric Olliverson and Mike Gold 3rd $2,052 Pete Wenners and John Hewkin 4th $1,368 Jeff Epley and Kelly Geer

Now let's use a scenario that should happen if angler's actually want to fish a very rewarding tournament not that winning 20k isn't rewarding enough.

Let's use Tournament Numbers from this past weekend on Grand Lake but broken up into days. One event had 260 boats Sunday. Another had 107 paid entries on Saturday. So let's say those numbers showed up here next week for World Fishing Tour.

Wednesday 50

10 would advance to Sunday 5 getting paid.

1st 1800

2nd 1215

3rd 698

4th 450

5th 338

Thursday 57

12 would advance to Sunday. 6 get paid that day

1st 1923

2nd 1191

3rd 780

4th 539

5th 396

6th 303

Friday 79

16 would advance to Sunday 8 would get paid.

1st 2418

2nd 1501

3rd 981

4th 690

5th 512

6th 399

7th 328

8th 285

Saturday 181

37 would advance to Sunday. 21 would get paid

1st 4236

2nd 2623

3rd 1890

4th 1384

5th 1027

6th 799

7th 603

8th 473

9th 375

10th-12th 310

13th-15th 245

16th-18th 212

19-21st 196

367 boats would be total entered. 75 boats would fish Championship Sunday. With $29k for 1st all the way down to $726 for 45th See photo for payouts.

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