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Prizepool scenarios at Grand Lake pending Saturday Flights

Here's what happened so far and what could happen based on entries on Saturday 3/19/2022

So currently we had 10 show up Wednesday, 11 Show up Thursday, and 9 and a chilly, windy, wet Friday. Thursday-Fri 3 teams have made the check line each day. With 2 advancing on Wednesday and Friday to Championship Sunday and 3 advancing on Thursday. So let's talk about possible scenarios.

What if 150 show up Saturday.

18 spots would pay on Saturday($3645 for 1st on Saturday) with 30 teams punching thier ticket to Sunday's Championship day payouts

Sundays payouts would be as follows under that scenario

21 spots would get paid

$16,848 for 1st plus $3, 152 from our title sponsor

10,433 for 2nd

7,517 for 3rd

5,508 for 4th

4,083 for 5th

3,176 for 6th

2,398 for 7th

1,880 for 8th

1,491 for 9th

1,232 for 10th

1,232 for 11th

1,232 for12th

972 for 13th

972 for 14th

972 for 15th

843 for 16th

843 for 17th

843 for 18th

778 for 19th

778 for 20th

778 for 21st

Let's go off of this weeks average 10 boats 3 spots would get paid on Sat.(1st being $450). Championship Sunday would pay the following

1st $6,480 plus $13,520 overlay money courtesy of our title sponsor

2nd $4,320

3rd $2,160

4th $1,449

Now what happens if a very possible scenario of 60 boats register for Saturday.

6 would get paid that day($2,025 for 1st) and 12 advance to Sunday. Championship Sunday payouts would be as follows

1st $10,368 plus $9632 from

2nd $6416

3rd $4472

4th $3273

5th $2398

6th $1815

7th $1426

8th $1199

9th $1037

For more examples you can play with the numbers yourself using the payable at you can still register for Saturdays flight after the weigh in today with cash from 430-until 6pm or online with credit/debit cards at

We do accept registrations up until launch morning of at the ramp as well for a $20 late fee. Any questions please feel free to call or text the tournament director Travis Burch at 913-562-4660

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