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Qualifying Starts This Saturday for the World Fishing Tour Championship on Grand Lake

Sunday the 25th of February is Championship Day for Grand Lake. You have all week to qualify. 8 total individual qualifying tournaments. Pick the day that fits your time off and/or favorite fishing conditions and come win your share of the largest return on investment fishing tour out there. Over 100% of entry get paid out of what the anglers put in for the entry fees. click register to read the rules and get signed up. Each angler must be a yearly member of World Fishing Tour Format $60. No additional fees are ever withheld from our anglers no matter how many events you fish. Making us also the lowest rake % of any tour out there. Fish what's better for your pocket book. See you in Oklahoma Feb. 17th-25th. We'll be staying at if anyone wants to hang out and/or cook out.

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