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Team Collings wins Grand Qualifying round with 13.92# tie for 2nd at 10.76

Sheldon Collings punch his teams ticket for Championship Saturday on Grand with 13.92 lbs. The big bite didn't seem to be on at Grand today but with the 12" min length limit everyone that weighed in weighed limits. Smallest limit was 9.66 lbs. There was a tie for 2nd place at 10.76# the old tie breakers use to be by biggest bass but after a quick rules verification Tournament Director Travis Burch called to tell TJ Martin and Steve Vann the good news. Also punching thier ticket tied with TJ and Steve was Curtis Heintz and Bryan Jackson weighing the same weight but with the largest bass of the day of #4.23. So after a unusual ending to a small tournament field size their is already three teams fishing Championship Saturday.

Sheldon and Mark Collings

Curtis Heintz and Bryan Jackson

TJ Martin and Steve Vann

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