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Rule & Points

Below is the official rules for Bassmaster Team Championship. World Fishing Tour will use all B.A.S.S Team championship rules with exceptions listed below that override these rules. At any point makes a rule change those will be acknowledged and used for all future events that have not started. Staging of boats is allowed to ease the flow of ramps but you are only allowed to come directly to launch ramp or back to your slip/staging area. Alabama rigs and double fluke rigs will be allowed this season per the state law on that lake in the regular season but not in our Team Series year end Championship. Contestants maybe subject to things at random that may include lie detection test, metal detection of catch, officials and/or cameras in vessels, official and/or camera boat that follows.




Guarantee exception:

In the event of bad weather, or any other situation(Goverment agency, Pandemic Protocol Change, Natural Disaster, Etc.) outside of our control that may cause a flight not to be able to go off as originally scheduled and cannot be made up before scheduled Day 2 the sponsored guaranteed will be no longer in effect. World Fishing Tour will do everything in it's control to make that up by adding a 2nd flight to a day if State Agencies, Lake, and Permits will allow. Example flight 1a can't go because of major storm. Day 2a may be shortened and flight 1a would fish a afternoon into evening flight. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get to fish and guaranteed prizes stay in place but safety is our number 1 priorty.


Trail points system will be as follows for each division(currently only 1 division)

Day 2 results

1st Place 1000 Points

2nd Place 900  Points

3rd Place 800 Points

4th place 700 Points

5th place 600 Points

6th place 500 points

7th place 400 points

8th place 300 points

9th place 200 points

10th place 100 points

11th place-all other day 2 participants at each lake earn 75 points.

All day 1 entries that do not make day #2 earn 15 Points for each registration.

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