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100% Limits weighed in on Grand Lake with 21.78 and 20.88 taking the top spots!

Jared Knuth and Chris Teter take top spot and earn thier birth to Championship Saturday at Grand weighing in 21.79 of bass anchored by the biggest bass of the week so far of 5.89. If that big bass holds it's worth a OG glide bait from our great sponsor.

Brad Ragsdale and Brandon Wagoner came in 3 hours early to wait patiently for the scales to open so they could rig tackle for Championship Saturday and not be tempting to burn up anymore of thier fish.

Brandon Edwards and Dakotah Edwards snag the 3rd and final ticket to Championship Saturday from today's flight with 16.84.

There's one last chance for teams to rebuy or register for tomorrow's flight. At the time of this post there is 19 boats registered for the 5th and final flight. You can register at

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