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108 entries show up qualifying day 1a at Joplin Rungood-683 entries after 4 qualifying rounds 355k+

World Fishing Tour got it's format from the poker world. One event going on right now in the poker world is Rungood at Downstream in Oklahoma next to Joplin, MO. Thier main event was $600 entry fee with 4 qualifying day 1 rounds. 108 unique entries showed up to fire at the first day 1 round. By the end of the 4 qualifying day 1's they had 683 entries creating a prizepool of $355,160. Rungood has won the award of best mid major poker tournament series. We plan to do the same in fishing.

That's the direction we at the World Fishing Tour plan on getting to. While there's big casinos involved taking way more out of the prizepools than we'd ever need to in the fishing world. You can at least see the potential prizepools. Multi day qualifying tournaments with reentries will eventually create the largest prizepools in bass fishing. The format just needs to gain more traction with us and then eventually other trails will likely follow and adapt. Showing up to beat 200 boats for 10k first place, or 1,200+ boats for 100k for first should and eventually will be a thing of the past. We already have high cost in this industry with boats, tow rigs, tackle, fuel, lodging, etc. Why make your tournaments a negative lifetime return on investment(r.o.i.) too?

So as our title sponsor would say. Get your head out the gutter and start paying attention to what's negatively effecting your life and/or bottom line. We got 3 stops left. 1st was $10,020 for 48 boats at Table Rock and $10,620 for 62 boats at Grand. With lowest payout spot getting double the entry fee($300 team entry fee) of $600 paid out to them. Visit for the remaining 2023 schedule and have a chance to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic through us at Grand Lake, Oklahoma in 2024.

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