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7 teams compete for World Fishing Tour Championship on Truman Lake

David Ryan and Joe Spring qualified on the first flight with #17.67 followed up by Charles Edgar and Steve Fowler having a #16.72 sack. Thursday was the biggest sack of the week when Mark Reigel and Junior Shinn came in weighing #23.24 monster bag with super consistent fish. Friday was our biggest flight of the week advancing 3 boats. Quinten Carr and Cody Campbell brought in a #19.59 bag. Blake Hyder and Zach Woods weighed in #18.74 coming in 3rd was Darin Lankford and Shawn Bowling with #17.68 Saturday was expected to have a bigger flight but morning storms caused one team to scratch and we are sure it caused a few teams to stay home and skip the weather. It cleared up nicely by mid morning with the final team of Josh Pladies(owner of )and Taylor Brasel punching the last spot for Championship Sunday with #20.51

We'll be leaving Shawnee Bend boat ramp at safelight tomorrow and welcoming the teams back at 3pm sharp to crown Truman Lake Fishing Champions! 1st place will be $10,488 for the champions. 2nd will earn $5,244, and 3rd will be $1,748.

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