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Ackerson/Shinstine and Longan/Heffelman Lead Team of the Year

After first two events of the 2023 season the standings have been updated. Remember top 20% make our season ending Championship to go to Bassmaster Team National Championship. Your shot at a Bassmaster Classic Birth on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. We currently are getting 4 spots to that. There's 3 events left to earn points. Everyone below 601 points is estimated to not make the cut once you add in all the additional 1k, 900, 800, 700, 600, etc .

Also, remember if you buy in to at least 5 day 1 qualifying rounds you are also qualified for the Season Ending Championship. Some of you are already 40-80% there. So another way in without making a day #2

You can view the standings by clicking here

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