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Anchor Pointe Resort hosted a practice makes perfect tournament which attracted 14 teams and makes 5 extra entries into World Fishing Tour this week on Bull Shoals

Doug Guidorzi and Trey Schroeder had enough to win today with #17.95. It's always nice to win a tournament but today was just about making the top 5 which they easily did with the win. 1 out of 3 teams earned a $300 entry into an World Fishing Tour at Bull Shoals Lake Qualifying Day. Anglers were not forced to pay WFT memberships because today was hosted by Anchor Pointe Resort at Hwy 125 Marina who also had a great winter series here on Bull this past winter. Look forward to them doing that again.

Finishing 2nd was Jake Layton and Clayton Welch who weighed in #17.60 for a 14 boat mega satellite as they'd call it in the poker tournament world the weights were pretty consistent. 3rd place was Zach Alexander and BJ Davis with #17.27 the 17+ lbs bags in the top 3 shows how well Bull Shoals is fishing.

Zane Kamenetsk and Matt Brown weighed in #16.45 and right behind them was Jan Hudson an angler who will be fishing that two weeks from now at stop #2 of the LBAA season with her partner Craig LaPointe who him and his wife actually own Anchor Pointe Resort here and are trying to bring more and more tournaments for our Ozark region anglers that love this iconic fishery but to the mid lake area instead of all the way down by the damn. Which just makes sense anglers don't have to burn as much fuel and conservation is so much better if angler don't have to make long runs. The next 9 teams missed the cut line of this mega satalite but they still weighed in nice quality fish.

6th - 15.85 Jarrod Frazier Justin Brackett

7th - 15.27 Kendall Smith Anthony Loggins

8th - 14.70 Jason Davidson and Darin Tilley

9th - 14.44 Kevin Dickey

10th - 13.15 Justin Laytin Zach Pitany

11th - 11.77 Mike Shinestine 23' Table Rock World Champ with Brit Sumter

12th - 10.88 LBAA - Pam Horne Karlee Prevett(birthday girl)

13th - 6.37 Micheal Haelea

14th - 0 Richie Huebnee Brandon Lowry left early

We hope to see all the anglers that didn't qualify today give a shot this week to try and punch their ticket amongst all the other anglers headed into Peel Ferry area of Bull Shoals. Anglers that punch thier tickets this week will be competiting for 101%+ cash and prizes. Including Table Rock qualifier entries to qualifying Day 1A TRL World Fishing Tour Championship at Bar M Resort on top of the 101% cash payout. Big Bass of the week is a $50 optional sidepot with a $1,500 Guarantee plus two "Ecos" Biggest Bass of the week is worth $200 of gift cards. Highest Placing Championship Sunday Female Anglers also win Free entries to an LBAA event this season(one female on the team wins $400 entry credit team of females win $200 co-angler credit and a $400 boater credit).

Highest paying Team Trail on the Ozarks without even factoring in your contengiceny bonus options in the fishing world.

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