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Bigguns for Dustin & Eric Blevins! Plus Landon Edwards/Wyatt Marler Qualified For Championship Day

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

First time World Fishing Tour Anglers qualify in first attempt with a huge sack #23.93 but that's no suprise here at Table Rock. Team Blevins have been on top a lot here in other trail events. Thier sack was anchored by the new big bass of the week weighing in at #6.39. If that big bass holds this week they'll win a OG glide bait.

Landon Edwards and Wyatt Marler will join us on Championship Day as well with their #16.27 bag which was enough to beat the other six teams that tried to punch thier tickets. We have 5 more days of qualifying left here at Table Rock Lake. Registration is still open for this week's qualifying at

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