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Brown's lay the hammer down on Wilson 20k Guaranteed first round. Kozlowski & Maldonado also advance

Gerald Brown and Darrel Brown weigh #18.70 to punch their tickets to Championship Sunday! Getting 1st today basically makes Sunday a freeroll for the rest of the tourney since they have already locked up $504 for their efforts today. Nathen Kozlowski and Lance Maldonado also will join the Brown's on Sunday because of their #18.37 limit. 2nd paid $216 today because of the small field but they'll be fishing for a nice payday in a small field come Sunday with only $304 invested instead of the original $520 it cost to sign up. Sunday is estimated about $10,000 dollars for first depending on entrants. That amount could easily increase if we get more than 44 boats. Pay table at for exact calculations. As of the time of this article we have 11 teams signed up for Thursday flight which will punch 3 more tickets to Sunday. Making the field size of 19 boats so far. On time registration is open until 4:30pm at the ramp and online all night up until launch tomorrow. It's not to late to join in on the $20,000 Guaranteed action this week. We have 3 flights left Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. $500 entry fee $20 Bassmaster Team Championship dues. You can register online at

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