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Championship Day Teams and Take Off Order

Boat Numbers for safe light take off.

Be at the gas docks by 6am

#1 Travis Harriman Matthew Sisk

#2 Ryan Butler Dustin Lippe

#3 Paul Willett Shane Gilbert

#4 Eric Olliverson Mike Gold

#5 Cody Ellison Ricky Jones

#6 Jeffery Barrickman Cole Findley

#7 Brennan Banks Patrick Rees

#8 Cole Breden Hunter Baird

#9 Pete Wenners John Hewkin

#10 Jeff Epley Kelly Greer

Reminder weights reset for championship day because everyone fished different days/conditions.

Prize pool

1st $6,156 + an additional $13,844 from our title sponsor to make up the overlay difference for the $20,000 1st place guarantee

2nd $4,104

3rd $2,052

4th $1,368

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