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Don't miss out on Grand Lake World Fishing Tour Championship hosted by The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake of the Cherokees

35 days away from the World Fishing Tour Event at Grand Lake Oklahoma Fishing in Grove, Oklahoma 

Recommended lodging and covered boat parking at The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees.

Registration is now open for this event. $300 team tournament. $50 optional biggest bass of the week pot for the entire week(1 time fee for big bass).

If you don't know what day you're fishing yet but want to get registered you can register for 2/24/24 qualifying round and we can edit your registration to an early qualifying round at anytime by texting 913-562-4660.

Entries=How many advance to 2/26 Championship

3-7 = 1 team

8-12 = 2 teams

13-17 = 3 teams

18-22 = 4 teams

23-27 = 5 teams

28-32 = 6 teams

33-37 = 7 teams

38-42 = 8 teams

43-47 = 9 teams

48-52 = 10 teams


If you don't make the cut you may reenter another remaining qualifying flight to try and make Championship. New this season most combined weight from all qualifying days that has not already qualified will receive the wildcard entry spot to Championship Day.

Bass Nation Team Championship births will be given at each stop this year instead of a season ending championship. Example 75 unique teams(does not count reentries) show up for Grand the top 3 teams from Championship will move on to fish the bass nation team championship.

Any questions please text or call 913-562-4660 or email

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