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Doug Johnson and Steven Whitesell laid the hammer down on Grand with #21.61

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

When it had been taken 17 lbs roughly to qualify for 20k Guaranteed for 1st Place Championship Round. The cold front pushed in and fired up Grand. First boat Clayton Soule and Mike Phillips weighed in early with #20.61 because they were cold and wet but was not confident it would hold. That usually means they are chomping. While it didn't hold up for the win it was enough to make the cut. Team Johnson and Whitesell eventually weighed in 21.61 beating them by exactly a pound. 3rd place Cody Smith and Paul Smith missed the cut but cashed a small check and immediately signed up for final qualifying flight tomorrow to try again. Which is the neat thing about this concept. You can have a bad day or not quite enough and get right back in if flights still remain. You can still register until 7am for final flight #4 and compete in probably the best ever odds at $20,000 on Grand Lake fishing in a bass tournament. to register

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