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Michael Furgerson / Kellen Davis win on Grand. Cook / Herring 3rd times a charm.

Furgurson and Davis get in first try on Grand with the win today at Wolf Creek boat ramp in Grove, Oklahoma. Furgurson said last night when he checked into and they gave him room #4 and he also drew boat #4 that he felt it was going to be a good day.

Loyal supporter of the World Fishing Tour format Kojak Cook and Heather Herring got in today with just over 20 lbs. They were leading the wildcard entry going into today but by punching their ticket to Championship Day it opens up more opportunities for those re-entering the qualifiers remaining. Heather being the first lady to make this week's Championship and now has a shot to win the incentive boater entry of $400 if she's the highest placing female angler on Sunday.

There's three days left to qualify. Registration still open at

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