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Michael Harlin and Brad Jelinek win World Fishing Tour Title on Truman!

World Fishing Tour by crowned new WFT Champions on Truman. That being said Harlin and Jelinek are no strangers to cashing checks in bass fishing. It doesn't matter if they are traveling the MLF Invitationals, BFL's, Toyota's, or just grinding the local area Ozark trails like Joe Bass, Angler's in Action, etc. These guys flat out know how to catch them on any body of water. Pair them up and watch out. That's exactly what happened today. One things for sure Truman is fishing a little tough right now. We'd be willing to bet they did not think their limit of #15.29 was going to enough today. Especially in a field against some of the best local and Ozark area fishing hammers. Just to qualify in the World Fishing Tour is no small feat. Some of the lakes most consistent check cashing teams did not make the cut. Including the defending Champs from 2022 Season.

Second place was the father son Johnson dou. Jeremy and Joel cash checks pretty much every trail they fish. Whether it's AIA, Joe Bass, or even when Jeremy throws his name in the Solo Pro, Bassmaster Opens, Toyota's, and BFL's hat. Those boys can flat out catch them. They showed that with #20.06 on thier qualifying round followed up by a second place on Championship Saturday.

Third place was Brock Bila and Josh Pladies. Brock has cut his teeth on the college circuits and has had great success in some of the most renowned fisheries in the USA. Josh Pladies was his team partner and is no slouch either owning one of the most highly sought after glide bait lines on the market. Josh's attention to detail is insane and knowledge is out of this world when it comes to bait design for All that time on the water pays off in fishing and bait design and it shows.

Fourth place was Chris Bridges and Steve Prince he mentioned going into today his fish would cooperate a little better in the hot high skies and that didn't happen today. Chris/Steve are also no strangers to cashing checks together on Truman.

Fifth place was another MLF Invitationals Pro Brock Reinkenmeyer and Anthony Johnson. They were one big keeper from a different article. As locals to the lake they know where they live too. So to see a fifth from this team you know it's fishing tough.

Sixth place proves how tough it really was. Darrell Reach and John Bennett have probably made more money on Truman than any other team in Truman's history. They are the one team I fielded the most calls about now two years in a row. Bunch of angler's want to know if they are fishing. Even some of the most feared legends can't win them all. John and Darrell have been big supporters of as well as thier closest fishing friends. Some of which we were shocked to be missing in today's action. With bigger daily fields I'm sure that would have been a different story and they would have surely made Championship Saturday.

Rounding out Championship day was Bob and Shawn Saathoff from Kansas. Bob is a lot like Darrel and John and started fishing Truman when the trees still were alive and the lake was flooding. Bob and Shawn love the WFT format and are hitting the Kansas Bass Nation recruitment trail for WFT to grow to even bigger prizepools.

Do you want to see WFT reentry fishing championship style format come to a lake near you? Reach out to both us and your local chambers and let's make it happen.

Weights from today.


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