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Who will claim bragging rights as the best of the best tackle Truman in a stacked Championship field

The field is set. This week the best of the best on Truman Lake came out to compete for thier chance to qualify for World Fishing Championship on Saturday. Truman Lake will crown the new World Fishing Tour Champions this weekend as last year's Champs fell just short of making it back in the Championship round to defend their title. Here is a list of tomorrow's 🔨 Hammers competing for $10,000 top prize courtesy of the added money by The boat order is set by weight for the week.

Boat # / Team Names

1 Jeremy Johnson and Joel Johnson

2 Bob Saathoff and Shawn Saathoff

3 Michael Harlin and Brad Jelinek

4 Brock Reinkenmeyer and Anthony Johnson

5 Darrel Reach and John Bennet

6 Brock Bila and Josh Pladies

7 Chris Bridges and Steve Prince

For a list of the final day payouts click here

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