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Names and Take off order from 1st of 8 qualifying days

Boats that fished today's 1st qualifying round of 8.

Weigh in at 3:30p

1 for every 5 boats advance(we round up at half or more). Making 2 teams moving on from today's round to Championship Day. You can register at

Boat #1

Eric White/Henry Adams

Boat #2

Cody Ellison/Jacob Wade

Boat #3

Mark Jenkins/Chad Rosewicz

Boat #4

John Hardin/Dustin Flippo

Boat #5

Justin Hayden/Shawn Freeman

Boat #6

Marty Rollins/Chip Stiver

Boat #7

Kelly Power/David Rice

Boat #8

Mark Long/Carl Thompson

Boat #9

Brandon Ackerson/Mike Shinestine

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