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No interest at all for Ozarks causes event to be canceled

We don't know if it's the buy in is too high for the area, the current economic state, price of fuel, Fathers Day, or conflicting events/bad scheduling on our part or all of the above but not one single team registered for the event on the Ozarks. We can't host a tournament with no angler's. Unlike our events on Table Rock, Grand Lake, Truman, and Wilson there's been very little interest and nobody that has shown interest has registered. So we have decided to cancel the event. We hope that someday Lake of Ozark angler's will support another team trail but at this time looks like we need to look at a possible lake replacement option for that event on our future schedules. We apologize if anyone was thinking about doing this event last minute but apparently nobody else is interested.

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Where was this advertised? I found out from a buddy and the only way he knew about it was checking Regatta permits.

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