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Qualifying day 3 of 8 at Table Rock with teams/names by boat order

Qualifying Day 3 of 8 of The event on Table Rock Lake take off list below of the team/ names by boat order. 2 teams will advance today to Championship Sunday to join the other 3 teams that have already punched their tickets to Championship Sunday on February 26th. There is 5 more qualifying rounds Mon-Friday this week. You can register online at

Boat #1

Dayne Kobriger

David Derubertis

Boat #2

Landon Edwards

Wyatt Marler

Boat #3

Dave Mansue

Chad Morgenthaler


Taylor Surly

Drew Sagely

Boat #5

Branson Ackerson

Mike Shinestine

Boat #6

Chris Horton

Brent Cloud

Boat #7

Jeremy Montgomery

Devin Pino

Boat #8

Dustin Blevins

Eric Blevins

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