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Tommy Abel and Matt Wright win AOY in the "Sea Squirrel" aka Bass Tracker 175 with Honda 50HP

The first team to ever have two cashes in the same season was Matt Wright and Tommy Abel. Which was good enough to earn them a total of 1100 points on the 2023 season standings. Earning them $1,000 gift certificate($500 for each of thier properties), $200 gift certificate, and a free entry fee to one of the 2024 season stops of thier choice. A $1,500 extra value for fishing with season.

What's the best part of this story is they achieved this out of a basstracker 175 with a Honda 50hp motor on the back. Some anglers spend 100k plus in boat / equipment but forget to put the time on the water these guys do. Not only that those aluminum boats can get to places many boats can't. As we've seen many B.A.S.S. Elite guys run them. Plus guys like Poche jumping damns and crawling under catwalks and cables with one. They can just get to places big fiberglass rigs can't. It is a double edge sword though as fiberglass with big motors can get somewhere faster and handle rougher water conditions. Still an impressive feat for Tommy Abel and Matt Wright to accomplish.

As they say right here you don't have to be rich to compete.

You can see how the World Fishing Tour standings finished up and who qualified for the season ending championship by clicking here.

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