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Tyler Casey and Jeff Florke cause a splash on final qualifying round with #22.60

5 teams took out this morning to all compete for the final spot on Sunday's World Fishing Tour Championship Round. When Tyler Casey and Jeff Florke walked up to the scales and weighed in the biggest bass of the week so far of #6.83 to try to win the big bass contest of the week. Everyone's heads turn and wait for the total bag wait.

The fish were added to the scales and settled in on #22.60 then all heard was a few splashes of everyone dumping their fish for the day. Knowing that they didn't have that beat they all chose to have better fish care and just release them directly back into the water. Eleven teams will be fishing Sunday for the top prize of $10,020 thanks to rest of the payout structure can be found in our last blog/updates post. We'll see all Eleven teams Championship Sunday at the What's Up Gas Dock at the Port of Kimberling at 6am for interviews and briefing before sending them out on the water for competition.

Next stop is at Grand Lake first week of April. Get your registrations in now at

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