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Tyler Flannery and John Hunter dominate World Fishing Tour Championship with no livescope in a 1997 Champion 191

Tyler Flannery and John Hunter came over from there home lake of Bull Shoals to fish this event on Table Rock. Thanks to the added prizepool(entries to Table Rock) from that event. All anglers that made Championship Day at Bull Shoals at Anchor Pointe Resort at Highway 125 Marina received a paid entry if they showed up last Saturday to They turned that Bull Shoals original entry and Championship Round payout into an additional $4,230 plus $200 to , 2 "Ecos", a free entry to a future event, and World Championship Rings. 18.64 bag was anchored by 6.64 big ol bass.

Here at World Fishing Tour we are not only paying out 101% plus guaranteed we are trying to promote anglers to try new bodies of water or just water they aren't comfortable with yet. We are trying to give the angler the best bang for the buck while given themselves a chance to make them even better fisherman. Tyler and John won this event out of 1997 Champion 191 and their livescope battery was dead for some reason today making them just go fishing with what they've learned over 1000's of hours on the water.

Watch out for these two at Truman or Ozarks because they also won an entry into one of those two events. Their choice as did all of our Championship Day anglers today at Table Rock.

Second place was Josh Wray and Kevin Maybee weighing in 14.68 which was technically the 3rd best weight but unfortunately a part of fishing is some fish just won't make it. Wether from stress or possible a foul hook. Which caused Dakota Millican and Johnathan Gregory 14.81 catch get a 1/4 pound penalty knocking them down to 3rd place. Which bumped Josh and Kevin up to 2nd. A costly difference or profitable one depending on the side of the fence you fell on.

4th place went to Jacob and Danny Smith weighing in 12.44. They just couldn't find that bigger kickers needed like they had yesterday in the final round of qualifying.

5th place went to Oklahomas Hunter Stanley who fished solo for him and his partner Kory Jameson and weighed in 12.05 Hunter has been an avid supporter of WFT and will see him earn a Championship ring before long.

6th place was another angler flying solo Clint Marler who weighed in 9lbs even. His partner Wyatt Marler had a OMTT to fish on thier home lake of Bull Shoals. Which gave him an opportunity to cash in two tournaments at the same day at the same time. A rare accomplishment to attempt.

This event paid back these anglers 134% more than what was taken in thanks to are great sponsors and host like for making it possible. Book your next Table Rock and Branson Getaway with Bar M.

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