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Urgent 20k Guaranteed and 26k Guaranteed Update!

14 days away from Wilson lake 20k guaranteed and 21 days away from 26k guaranteed on Ozarks. If you're planning on fishing please get registered. As of now nobody is registered for Ozarks or Wilson. You can choose the flexible entry option and let us know the day before you plan on fishing. If we don't get enough pre-registrations before 7 days prior to the Wilson event we will have to cancel the events due to lack of interest. Just need 3 per day to send a flight out to compete. 1 in 5 boats advance to Championship Sunday. over 10k for 1st place was awarded for just 28 boats at Truman for 20k guarantee. You won't get these small field size chances to win big money in fishing often. So if you're coming do us a favor and get registered at

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