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World Fishing Tour 2023 Schedule presented by

2023 fishing season will start a little earlier than normal with the World Fishing Tour headed to the Ozarks region with some heat in February with a huge guaranteed prize pool T.B.A. from our great sponsor in the Kickoff event at Table Rock Lake in Missouri. With this year's unique scheduling you'll be able to come into town for two different events on Table Rock. The Major League Fishing BFL's will be there on our only scheduled day off from our day 1 flights. We continue the following day after the MLF Bass Fishing League with Championship Day #2.

Also, after tons of feedback this new season will have a lower buy in level of $300 for those of all skill levels. $100(One time yearly membership) per team entry where 1 out of every 5 will advance to the championship that week.

Teams that make the weekly championship(Day 2) will all be in the money guaranteed of a minimum of $600. There will be at least 3 flights(day 1's) to each lakes championship event. If your team does not make it through on your first try and there's still day 1 flights available to enter you will be allowed to reenter and try again for $300 depending on what's left for day 1's. Weights reset on Championship Day #2 when angler's from each flight combine.

After the kick off event we'll take a break because of multiple trails start thier seasons in March and not to forget the pinnacle of them all The Bassmaster Classic in Tennessee. Once we make it to April it's time to head to good old Grove, OK. To fish Grand Lake. Last year's winners took home over 20k for their efforts and expecting even bigger paydays this season. This is event will be a Mon-Fri day 1's with a Championship Saturday. Many might ask why Mon-Friday? Well our numbers in 2022 were actually really good at showing up on weekdays so we are not afraid to host events on less pressured lake days. You'll be able schedule yourself some vacation days and go win you some nice money on Grand and then enjoy Easter Sunday with friends and/or family.

Now it's time to head southeast a little for a new stop on Bull Shoals lake in Arkansas. This event will shape up just like Grand on a holiday week. Running day 1s on Mon-Friday with Championship Saturday. It gives you a chance to win some money before Mother's Day on Sunday.

Now it's time for the Summer bites and what is better than a place with a little timber and another place with some of the country's best smallmouth in the 4 states area on this season schedule.

Warsaw, Missouri is next on the list with Truman Lake. This was one of the smaller fields last season but wow, was it fun to watch the local anglers compete and try to strategize on best scenarios of advancing to the Championship Day. June 24th will be the first day 1 $300 flight. Then we'll let Joe Bass Team Trail have there day on the lake and we'll take the day off. Then start right back up on Mon-Friday. Then the Championship day 2 will be on Saturday here heading into the 4th of July.

Then we'll head to Wilson Lake in Kansas which crosses off tons of angler's Personal best smallmouth every year but is also loaded with nice largemouth. Not counting the occasional huge stripper that you'll catch on accident. Fun catches but annoying on tournament days sometimes. Wilson will set up just like 2022 season did with Wed-Saturday day 1s and Day 2 Championship Sunday.

Our Team Series Championship is TBD but will be at a lake inside the area of the 5 lakes on the season schedule but not at a lake we've been too. Lake will be announce before 1st flight at Table Rock.

You'll notice we avoided scheduling on top of BFL'S, Toyota's, B.A.S.S. Central Opens, XFL Xtreme Fishing League, NPFL, AIA Anglers in Action, Big Bass Bash, OMTT Ozark Mountain Team Trail and as many Joe Bass Team Trail events as possible.

Our goal is to make fishing better for the angler and give you all more chances to fish. Let's all work together to improve the integrity of this sport and conservation. Teams that sign up for atleast one event before December 31st will be entered into a drawing for a season pass. One $300 entry fee at each event location. A $1,500 value. We gave away one $450 seat last year. That team didn't advance at Grand but had a free shot at $20,000 on The World Fishing Tour. Drawing will be done live in person at Baitwrx in Springfield, MO. The day before the opening event on Table Rock on February 16th. Time to be determined.

Winner does not have to be present to win the entries but if you are you'll also win some amazing packages from our great sponsors.

SCHEDULE 23' Flexible Date Registration Opens 12/1/22 9am cst.

*Pending lake permit approvals-subject to change

TABLE ROCK February 17th-24th and the 26th (paid over 20k in 2022 for first)

GRAND April 3rd-8th (paid over 20k in 2022 for first)

BULL SHOALS May 8th-13th (new event for 2023)

TRUMAN June 24th and June 26th-July 1st (paid over 10k for first in 2022)

WILSON August 16th-20th (paid over 9k for first in 2022)

CHAMPIONSHIP TBD by the angler's at one of these lakes (Stockton, Pomme, Ozarks, Taneycomo, Eufaula, OK., Milford) Championship will be determined by pre registrations by a vote. One vote per event early registration. Max of 5 votes per team(1 per destination with early registration). Championship will be announced January 2023.

Alabama rigs and double fluke rigs will be allowed this season per the state law on that lake in the regular season but not in our Team Series year end Championship. Contestants maybe subject to things at random that may include lie detection test, metal detection of catch, officials and/or cameras in vessels, official and/or camera boat that follows.

There will be no off limits period and/or official practice period times except for before the season finale championship(5 days off limits). You may not be on the water 30 minutes after sunset the day before fishing in our tournaments.

1 in 5 will advance on all $300 flights. Example- 17 teams fish on a day 1 flight. Then 1st-3rd will advance to day #2 and 4th would get the leftover prize money of $480(official payout table is to follow) for their efforts and allowed to rebuy into a future day 1.

There is a one time per season $100 yearly membership fee per team. That will go towards B.A.S.S. Team Trail Sanctions, 2023 B.A.S.S. Nation Dues for soon to be to be announced by B.A.S.S. lower buy in opens season eligibility for 3 Bassmaster classic births and an elite series birth at the 2024 BNC, and WFT Season Ending Championship.

Fish at least 5 days or more and you qualify for our season finale championship or qualify through points. Top 20% advanced from points standings. Same points schedule as last season.

All lakes are pending permits.

On site registrations for reentry teams only following the weigh ins for 1 hour or 1 hour before launches.

All initial registrations must be done online via our registration form and waiver process.

For more information please text 913-562-4660 or email

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